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Julie Nguyen

Julie's outstanding twenty years of experience in Retail and Wholesale Luxury includes management, business development, visual merchandising, event planning, customer relations, and marketing. In the past 7 years, she transformed a regional auction house and consignment center based in Marin County, modernizing it from the ground up. 
Julie is a California State University, Long Beach Alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences. Julie orchestrates her team through diverse situations with magical precision.

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Julianna Khalil

Julianna is a the backbone of support to the team, a problem solver with a passion for objects. Her keen eye for aesthetics has guided her throughout her career and ultimately getting her Bachelors from University of California, Berkeley in the History of Art. Her observational and communication skills lend themselves to marketing, operations, integral aspects of team performance, client and customer relations.


Jessica Ayala 

Jessica is part of the dream team, a Marin County Native, with a passion for sports (especially, "her" Real Madrid). Her customer service style is engaging, she knows the importance of drive, and asking the right questions. With over 15 years experience in retail, and high-end clientele for local businesses, Jessica thoughtfully knows how to build relationships and strong experiences. 

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