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What is Consortium?

Simply put we are a group of individuals dedicated to selling items from individuals and/or estates! Read more at About Us 

What services does Consortium provide?

From consultation to the sell off of items some of the services provided are looking over items, giving general estimates, help creating a plan for liquidation of estates to various organizations. Then as needed photography, sorting, moving, auction, donation, recycle/debris, general logistics, and consigning or selling--in order to generate revenue at the same time as problem-solving for trustees/individuals.

How do the services work?

We do all the "heavy-lifting" as it were. We take the big picture goals and put that into action with small and large tasks coordinated and carried out in order to achieve your goals. For example, if you want to eliminate all contents on-site, or say you want to designate certain items for auction or charity--we will work with third parties, or platforms to disseminate information on your behalf for all the designated items. We will follow and manage the items from the beginning to a designated endpoint--whether that is online or in-person. We can be as hands on as needed or keep to a topical system to sell specific items.

How long does the process take?

We are a small company doing our best to be as sustainable and localized as possible. It is never too soon to start preparing so reach out if you think you have questions! It really will take a consultation to give you an accurate timeline. 

In general, we need at least a few weeks lead time to plan projects, and the selling process really depends on your Service Package choice. It could take as little as a 3 weeks to several months to see the residuals. It also depends on the item(s) needing to be vetted, prepped for auction, and whether they are placed in a retail setting or not. 

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